What Empirical Research means for Physicalism and Panpsychism

I want to talk about the not falsifiable theories that have popped up in our discussions throughout the semester. I think that the discipline of philosophy deserves a higher standard of arguments and theories. Maybe it’s my ultimately inherent bias as a scientist, but having a theory you can’t even try to prove wrong just seems lacking in a whole lot of areas. It’s like trying to bring the idea that everything in the world popped into existence last Thursday. You can’t prove it wrong, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the right option to believe in. I would also like to begin this argument by saying that of course consciousness exists, and to say that it doesn’t is denying probably the most basic human activity or experience anyone will ever have.

A Love Letter to the Calderon

When I studied abroad in Spain, my group had about 15 other people in it, and pretty much all of the people with me didn’t care too much about football, or knew anything about the game. I was able to somehow convince a group of them to go with me during our free time to visit the stadiums of both Real and Atletico Madrid, an undoubtedly exciting experience for myself, and apparently I was exciting enough for a group of these people to come with me. Once we finished the tours, it was surprising to me which one stood out to my friends and myself. Almost unanimously, the group preferred the visit to the Estadio Vicente Calderon over the Santiago Bernebeu.