Synaptic Targets of Unipolar Brush Cells in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus (Updated for Society for Neuroscience Conference 2022)

Poster presented at SfN 2022 in San Diego. Project covers slice physiology project studying the connections that Unipolar Brush Cells have in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus. Through slice physiology and immunohistochemistry, we show UBCs synapse directly on to fusiform and cartwheel cells, a previously undiscovered connection. 

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Synaptic Targets of Unipolar Brush Cells in The Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus

This was my first opportunity to talk about my graduate school research. [fill in more later]

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The Effects of Natural Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners on Danio Rerio

I was honored to present this poster at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in Washington D.C.. My study's goal was to see how the individual sugars affected the zebrafish's learning ability, but it quickly turned into a study to see how the individual studies killed them. This study provides crucial information that wasn't in zebrafish literature in the past, as well as opens questions regarding sugar research not just for Zebrafish, but also for humans.

From this study, I gained skills in training and working with animal models, Noldus Camera and Tracking software, statistics, and independent research experience. 

Belmont University Study with Nashville Zoo

I got to collaborate on a study with the Nashville Zoo to understand their Africa exhibit better! This study was completely observational with statistics added in. 

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